Corina has always had a very active lifestyle and she turned to yoga wanting a more balanced body at a time when she was doing a lot of weight sessions in the gym; but the journey took her to unexpected places.

"For some reason I always had to make time for yoga, but I didn't knew why, something inside me was telling me to go to that yoga class, so I was very consistent over the years, becoming something that's part of my routine." 

The benefits of yoga are quick, after an hour you feel different but it took a few good years of regular practice to begun to notice the other benefits of Yoga which transformed her lifestyle and mind.

Corina had practiced many style over the years, from Hatha, Yin, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Dynamic Flow, now teaching a completely different practice of Yoga based on breath, mindful and gentle movement and lots of awareness enquiries.  

She moved to Cambridgeshire, Uk 7 years ago, where, as a yoga practitioner, she had a lot of Senior teachers for which she is very grateful for them crossing her path, having inspired her to explore yoga in more depth. 

Her first 200h Yoga Teacher Training was in Manchester, Uk started in 2018 where her tutors were some of the most experienced and well known teachers in the yoga community based in and around Manchester, Leeds and London.

Fascinated about body movement and body's and mind ability to transform, she now teaches, mindful movement focusing on being in the present moment. Her classes are relaxing yet energising, building mobility, stability and strength while allowing you to observe and recharge. 

Pranayama, rest and meditation are important aspects of the sessions.

Weight training was the stepping stone into the world of mind/body connection. Even in a weight room, you have to put the mind into the muscle for the exercises to be effective but Yoga is different. Yoga focuses on the mind more than the body.

With a Personal Training qualification gained in 2017 from NASM ( National Academy of Sports Medicine ) and being a regular CrossFit attendant she has a strong focus on alignment and encourages students to listen to their body, allowing them to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of themselves.




200H Yoga Teacher Training

accredited by British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Allianz (U.S)


Level 3 Personal Training Certificate

accredited by National Academy of Sports Medicine ™ (NASM)



"Lovely Wednesday wind down class with Corina!

She teaches with a lovely balance of stretching and relaxing, all in a perfect cozy setup. I recommend that anyone should try her classes if they would like to take an hour for themselves to rest and feel replenished"


Jenna from Chorlton